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I have so many nicknames and am bound to come across a few more in my travels… but here are some things I have been called/may or may not answer to if you yell at me.

E or E-Beth- my Dad really likes to call me these. Friends from work also still call me E-Beth, as does most of my family.

Lizard- an old neighbor of mine never referred to me by my real name! She only ever called me Lizard.

Liz- anyone pre-6th grade and the college club frisbee team call me this.

Lizzy- Lizzy is reserved for a few friends that were around during the incredibly awkward years of junior high (not to be confused with the awkward years which is basically the rest of my life until college).

Nimbly Bimbly- frisbee friends from Seattle call me this because I run circles around them! Love those guys.

The Girl with the Blue Hair- No explanation.  I just used to have blue hair (I miss it) and it freaked people out at parties which was a good time.

This is me with blue hair. Pre-marathon.

Leeza- girls I did Bible study with all through high school nicknamed me Leeza and it stuck! Didn’t quite make it to college though, but I will always be Leeza to them.

Elphie- my friend Kelsey (who is the Glinda to my Elphaba!) and I dressed as our respective Wicked characters for Halloween our freshman year. We looked awesome! I shall put up a picture.

Kelsey and I

Zombie Waitress- Despite not actually being a waitress anymore, I picked this one up over spring break when I volunteered to do Work Crew at a YoungLife camp in Colorado. My friend Trevor invented this particular nickname (also can be shortened to ‘Z-dubs’) when he remarked quite truthfully that I looked like a zombie carrying my tray setting up the tables in the dining hall. It was also 5am, and for any of you who have had the unpleasant experience of seeing me at 5am, you know why this fits…

On a different note, my personality has recently been described as ‘a cup of coffee,’ as in when drinking coffee you get to sit there with a warm cup, talking to your friends, meeting strangers (or just eavesdropping on them) and sitting on a comfy couch in a cute little coffee shop and watching the world go by. Apparently that is how I make some people feel and I really like this! Another friend then put his 10 cents into the conversation, saying I was more like a shot of Everclear (for a good description of Everclear, read the first entry here:, especially when I play frisbee. It’s not a bad thing, I was told-  it just starts burning even before you drink it. I can take that. 🙂

Another friend just told me I was her ‘let’s go climb a tree!!’ friend. I will also accept this as a desirable personality type.

In Jordan I’ve picked up a few nicknames, all from Books@ and the goofy individuals that work therein. They include ‘Izzy’ (Elizabeth is hard to say in Arabic), Liz, and Elizapig (I made the mistake of snorting when I laughed). Good times 😉


One response to “Nicknames

  1. djthejonland says:

    A possible connection between pre-6th graders and the people who associate with DU club ultimate…? I dont see why not.

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