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Rain, Rain, Go Away

on June 26, 2013

Every time it starts to rain in Seattle a kitten dies. Fact.

While that might not be true, a little bit of the remainder of my happiness decreases with each raindrop that hits the window. It is almost July, for God’s sake. IT NEEDS TO STOP.

The thing that really sucks? It doesn’t get better. It keeps raining. September through May, it is gray and gloomy and it doesn’t go away. ‘Summer’ is a pseudo season where, on occasion, the sunshine will poke through and people can pretend like they’re warm for a couple days until the clouds inevitably descend once again.

Seattle is a direct representation of depression.

For some people this totally works- they thrive with the clouds, the cool, the ocean. They like the rain and freak out when it is sunny for ‘too long’ (in Seattle terms, approximately 3 days). They love the green that comes from constant precipitation and can deal with the fact that moss lives on everything.

If this city had a word it would be ‘moist.’

Yeah. Ew.

I can’t. I can’t do it. I’ve been in Seattle for 11 days and I can’t. Washington is a beautiful place- there are rivers and mountains and valleys and fields and forests and oceans and lakes. I grew up here, my family is here. The community I grew up in still cares immensely for me and there are people that I really like being around here. But I can’t.

Denver gave me sun and Jordan gave me an increased sense of what my life was becoming. Those places made me smile, made me energetic, made me independent. Coming back here has taken a lot of that away and while it has the potential to be short-term, it is still unpleasant. I want to be here for my family but I also want to preserve the things I created for myself over the last four years- happiness, confidence, and community being a few of those things. It sucks to come back to a place that used to be home and realize that it isn’t anymore; this is a natural transition and I am glad for it, but when others haven’t made that same transition it gets awkward. When you move around every 3-5 months nowhere is home and that kind of sucks.*

I have no solutions. I have no answers. All I have is a deep hatred of rain, an intense need for coffee, and my fat dog who desperately needs to be walked.

*The months I lived in Jordan constituted the longest I’ve ever lived continuously in the same city since beginning college.




2 responses to “Rain, Rain, Go Away

  1. An old adage–Home is where the heart is. The key for me is to be happy from within regardless of my outer circumstances. I can dance in the rain because my attitude is not weather dependent. Yes, I could choose to live in a sun drenched land. But I’d rather choose a happy heart to be at peace anywhere in the world.

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