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Livin’ the double-wide dream

on June 11, 2013

Days are long (sooo very long…) and life is simple in this small town. I dropped my grandma off at her volunteer gig at the local thrift store (where everything in there can be traced back to someone you know) and tootled around town- the truck my parents had given me to drive conked out with a faulty transmission something or other a couple miles from town the other day approximately an hour and a half into me driving it for the first time, so that was unimpressive. Transportationless again. Curby the Love Truck had potential, but it was no Herby the Love Bug as far as durability or speed went.

My report of this one internet café town the other day is unfortunately incorrect- we are now a no internet café town, as the lovely little restaurant that formerly offered wi-fi now does not. It still has delicious food and great coffee, but I am sad for the decrease in browsing and other web wanderings that I now have to rely on my little phone for. Oh, the technology! Oh, the first world problems…

Grandma and I have attended the last high school graduation party of all my cousins (woo, we all made it that far!) and my cousin’s wedding shower, both of which were a lot of fun. I haven’t seen my family since January and am still waiting to visit a few of them. In the meantime I am attempting to keep busy, which is hard when there isn’t really much to do and going outside involves gale force winds and mosquitos the size of nickels. That might not sound that bad for those of you from places where mosquitos could be considered the state bird, but they are leaving silver dollar sized bites on me which I do not appreciate in any way, shape, or form. No. As much as I agree with the idea that pesticides and chemicals are genuinely bad for us and should be used sparingly, I am going to advocate for the total and utter annihilation of the mosquito population of Eastern Washington right now. Nuke ‘em and make my ability to garden outside so much more pleasant.

I did manage to survive the wind and clean a few of the outside windows today, something that does not get done often, but by this evening a sheen of dust has already settled on my pristine handiwork… kind of like Jordan, the dust blows here all the time- except in Jordan I never even pretended to clean!

Last night Grandma and I watched The Bachelorette which was hysterical. I don’t really enjoy most of the shows on TV, but watching with her cracked me up. Despite our age difference, we really are just two single ladies. Haha!

Also- if any of you have seen the trailers for the movie World War Z, I am telling you to go read the book and then see the film. I could not put it down! It is unique and you cannot be on my zombie apocalypse team without having read it.

The End.

I will try to have more interesting stories in the future, but don’t count on it. I’m still applying for jobs and trying to plan my imminent journey back to Denver but it’s at least 3 weeks away and time is going about as fast as a comatose turtle.



One response to “Livin’ the double-wide dream

  1. Donna Slager says:

    Hi Elizabeth: Wifi at my house & the Blue Rooster coffee shop Come over!! Donna

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