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Adios, Colorado…

on June 7, 2013

As many of you know (as I’ve written about it before) I am terrible at moving, packing, or otherwise motivating myself to change locations when I do not want to. This time, however, despite the continued lack of motivation to move myself from my beloved Denver to the despised state of Washington, the packing and moving process was accomplished without any tears/ mental breakdowns/flinging of my belongings across the room at those attempting to help me. Look, world! I’m growing!

I was still very sad to leave- I am missing graduation and all the accompanying celebrations, which is why I’ll avoid facebook and friends’ pictures for the next week (it won’t be hard- I’m in a one internet café town). My last night in Denver was spent creating a mess my roommate gets to clean up while I cooked massive amounts of food to feed my friends, who kept me company and made me laugh even through the rainy night. Yes, it poured rain my last night there. Cool, Denver.

I slept most of the way through Colorado and Wyoming on our way to Boise, Idaho. 14 hours in the car with a parent you haven’t seen in 6 months? Sorry I wasn’t the best conversationalist, nor was I the happiest of campers… and our AC broke halfway through my nap on the Utah/Idaho border. And we were driving into the sun. It was miserable. I felt like a baking potato. I could smell myself. That was not nice. Aside from that the ride went relatively quickly and it was nice to see my friends in Boise for the evening. Shaadi cooked a delightful Arabic meal that puts my attempts to shame.

We made it to Eastern Washington yesterday afternoon and unpacked the few things that will stay with me while I take care of grandmothers and do wedding things with my cousin. My life has no plan and I exist simply on the whim of others for the next month.


I made it about 10 minutes before I burst into tears (I hate not having my own space to go back to, my own kitchen, my own little niche, my friends) and 5 hours before I began applying for jobs and looking for apartments back in Denver.

Roadtrip stats:

1,219 miles driven

18 slug bugs

Thousands of cows

Instances of minor road kill= >30

Instances of major road kill= 1 deer

Song I shouldn’t have let Dad listen to but did and spent the next 2 days with it in my head- Red Solo Cup by Toby Keith

21 hours in the car- approximately 6 spent passed out

Animals decapitated and consumed in the house by grandmother’s cat in the 18 hours we’ve been here- 4


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