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Rednecks at Red Rocks

on May 27, 2013

Last night I got to go to a concert at the gorgeous Red Rocks Amphitheater with a friend of mine to see a bunch of country/western Texas bands. I had, prior to this, never heard of any of them but was totally excited to go. Red Rocks is beautiful and I love me some cowboy hats!

Pulling into the parking lot we joined a massive number of trucks being driven by lots of rowdy cowboys and cowgirls. We sat on our tailgate (as we were also part of the cowboy hat/boot wearing, truck driving crowd), drank a beer and ate our lunch while observing the bits of humanity we were going to later enjoy the concert with. Country music blared from open doors and boots crunched on gravel as people from Nebraska, Florida, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas all piled in to watch these bands.

We found our seats and the show started. Beer flowed and I couldn’t help but laugh as my friend’s Texas accent came out in response to the sheer number of rednecks around us. The crowd roared when the bands came on and introduced themselves, as almost every band member was from Texas. A gal with a Confederate flag cowboy hat instructed one of the staff members to bring her and her friends beer every 1o minutes. Another individual walked by with a cowboy hat made out of a Coors Light box- I give props for design, but definitely not for beer choice! And I won’t even hazard a guess at the number of people I saw with American flag shirts, flags, or shorts on…

The music was great and the views, for any of you who have been to Red Rocks know, are stunning. The sun sets and we are still rocking along to fiddles and banjos; my face hurt from laughing and singing along. As the night went on and the rednecks got drunker many started swing dancing, a past time I also enjoy but couldn’t quite see myself being able to do successfully on the narrow ledges between each row of seats. I didn’t see any fallers but I did see some stumblers!

While this crowd was entertaining and reminiscent of growing up with small towns and country fairs, I am still a northerner and a liberal and don’t hold any stock in the idea that ‘the South will rise again’. I also don’t think everyone has the right to bear arms and will argue my point as voraciously as those who defend their right to be a gun-toting, right-wing, beer drinking American. I do think that the idea of Texas seceding is hilarious (go for it!) but realized that in this specific location with these people, my opinions were better left unbroadcasted… although I did whisper them to my friend, because I can’t keep my mouth shut when I want to make fun of people.


Beautiful view of downtown Denver


Packed crowd and lots of cowboy hats!

So! People, go to a concert at Red Rocks if you ever get the chance. I highly recommend taking a listen to the bands we heard- The Casey Donahew Band, Stoney Larue, The Randy Rogers Band. and Wade Bowen. They all have a few toe-tapping songs that certainly made me get up and dance!


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