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The art of being a stray

on May 13, 2013

Yesterday, as you know, was American Mother’s Day. Despite my attempts to call both of my wonderful grandmothers I was unsuccessful in reaching them and my mother was busy watching the Mariner’s baseball team win- her favorite thing- so I went about my day (I send cards, don’t worry 🙂 ) A friend invited me over to his house for dinner with his family which I accepted, because I’m running low on groceries and motivation to run anything heat-generating in my house while it is 80 degrees outside (SO HAPPY).

We showed up with flowers and wine for his mom and I got to meet his brother, his fiancee, parents and grandmother (her name is Fran- they call her Gran Fran. Best thing ever). I was immediately welcomed as we got dinner and drinks together to enjoy on the balcony which had an absolutely beautiful view of downtown Denver as well as the Rocky Mountain foothills. Talk about content with life!

Aside from phone conversations I have had very little family contact since January and I had forgotten how much I enjoy being around people who are related to each other, for better or worse. Family stories were swapped and so much laughter happened and I honestly felt like I was sitting with my own family- swap out a few of the names and we could have been talking about my relatives. Dinner was delicious and I was so happy that I got to be a stray college kid at family dinner again.

I will be returning home in the beginning of June and while I’m sad to leave Denver I am excited to be around my family again. They crack me up and will give me lots of things to write about here (and they feed me which is nice). In the meantime I will be farming myself out to my friends’ families who live around here in pursuit of good company and many laughs!


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