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Noam Chomsky

on May 13, 2013

Last week I had the privilege of going downtown and seeing the brilliant Noam Chomsky speak. It was located in a very large church which kind of freaked me out (I mean, come on… that pipe organ was HUGE and would totally squish me in an earthquake) but the prospect of seeing one of the world’s best linguists as well as political commentator was too much for me to resist. It also helps that I own just a few books of his.

Before the lecture I ran into a guy from my sophomore year Arabic class who I hadn’t seen since I got back from Jordan. That was fun to get to chat and catch up and reminisce over how much we all despised that year of our lives… Learning is rough, I tell you!

I found my seat high in the balcony and waited for the shindig to start. Professor Chomsky (he teaches at MIT, no big deal) slowly made his way quietly down the aisle, getting about halfway before everyone stood up and gave him a thundering round of applause. Seriously, did he ever think when he started his career that he, a linguist, would be getting standing ovations? Academics all over the world twitched with jealousy.

Punctuated by a thunderstorm occurring outside, Professor Chomsky began speaking in the crackly voice of a grandfather. His lecture had no real clear topic, but rather skirted over a brief history of the world as well as some modern pressure points in regards to US foreign policy. He spoke slowly but surely- he knows his stuff, that’s for sure. He was also surprisingly funny and just a bit sarcastic which made the two hours fly by.

I’ll spare you the details of his talk but I had a great time. I encourage you to go read a couple Chomsky books- you’ll learn a lot! I appreciate his ability to be critical of governments and societies, especially our own, with the ability to present sound pieces of information as evidence.


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