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Colorado from North to South

on May 13, 2013

SO many blog posts! I apologize for the inundation, but I have things to write and reliable internet so I’m going to take advantage of it. Plus, being unemployed (yes, that dirty word again) and cutting back on some activities has given me time to write but also have adventures to write about.

I went rafting this weekend with the Denver YoungLife crowd, a group of people I’m so excited to know. I was recruited to drive (which I do not do frequently) so I was a bit nervous about that, but once we got on the road I was good! The 4 kids in my car were awesome and we laughed the couple hours it took us to get there. I also didn’t have a rear view mirror, but we survived.

We went on a half-day raft trip through a company called Noah’s Ark located just outside of Buena Vista, Colorado. The people from Buena Vista know if you are or are not a local because they pronounce it ‘Bew-na Vista’ (insert Grammar Nazi shudder here). Despite the weird pronunciation, it is a beautiful place! We set up camp right by the Arkansas River and in view of the snow covered Rockies. The 24 of us spent the evening hacking around, playing sports and roasting marshmallows until late in the night before attempting to make ourselves comfortable and warm in our drafty and wooden-floored tents. I thankfully dropped off to sleep pretty quickly but it was a little miserable there for a bit!

012 037We got up the next day early in the morning, brushed the spiders off our stuff (eew) and ate a delicious breakfast. The water levels were really low on the river but we went anyways! Attractive in our gut-squeezing wet suits, life jackets and helmets we popped into our rafts and were off. We did about 10 miles of the river and the views were gorgeous! All the boats got stuck a few times and the rapids were very small compared to when I rafted the Deschutes River in Oregon in high school, but I still enjoyed it. The girls in my boat were freshmen or juniors and we managed to have wonderful conversations even when our boat filled with very cold water.




My lovely raft companions

096 048

Eventually we pulled out and went back to camp, sad that the river part was over but super excited for lunch. We then drove a short ways away to the Mt. Princeton hot springs which were fantastic! There is nothing better than being warm and if I hadn’t been driving I totally would have napped on the way back to Denver.

That night (after a much needed shower and load of smelly river laundry) I headed off to a small town in northern Colorado called Greeley for the birthday of a friend-of-a-friend (I have adventures to weird places!). I haven’t been to Greeley since a frisbee tournament sophomore year, but recognized a few places and the ever present smell of cow poop that lingers over the area (‘smells like money!’ my friend said). We went to an Irish pub where I met an assortment of random individuals, all of whom ended up being totally hilarious. I also tried a wonderful drink comprised of hard cider and Fireball whiskey which is now my go-to beverage of choice. SO GOOD. Anyways.

One girl who was a bit quieter was a self-described introvert who didn’t say much, but simply observed what was going on around her and made the occasional commentary or conversation. I love these people because they take in everything around them and while they may be silently judging everyone, they are also incredibly fun once you get to know them.

Then there was Juan, who promised to buy me lunch if I could think of a ‘Juan’ joke he’d never heard before (think, ‘if you’ve seen Juan you’ve seen ’em all’ kind of things- that’s a Juan joke). He was hilarious and we had some pretty hysterical conversation.

Travis was the birthday boy and Shay his adorably funny girlfriend. Travis goes to school in Laramie, Wyoming, so we had quite the mix of random people there! After drinks we got pizza at another grungy bar (my favorite) and then to the local hookah place (no Arabs to be seen, haha) where we stayed for a very long time, chatting and laughing, drinking tea and playing Apples to Apples. There are few things better than new friends, hookah, tea and board games (even if everything is a bit eau de cow poo). A few of us then drove back to Denver, tired but still laughing!

Moral of the story: I have laughed until I cried 3 out of the last 3 days. This is a Very Good Thing. I still have my moments, but some of the stress and worry has started to go away. I am unemployed and plan-less but enjoying my last few weeks in Denver which is nice. I am taking time to both make new friends and hang out with old ones I may not get to see for awhile while reminding myself that sitting in the sun reading, blogging, or just being is not a waste of time. I got to see a lot of my beautiful state this weekend and am so glad for the people who made that happen!



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